Dermal Fillers

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Dermal fillers can contour, volumize, hydrate, and rejuvenate anyone’s face, regardless of gender, age or skin condition. Dr. Ben Shatil can help you set realistic expectations and achieve your beauty goals to give you confidence and make you feel sexier.

Dermal fillers come in two forms: hyaluronic acid (i.e. Juvederm, Restylane) or calcium microspheres in a hydrogel (i.e. Radiesse). Both forms of filler are made of naturally occurring compounds in the body, minimizing the chance of any adverse reactions. As we age, we lose our natural hyaluronic acid stores, leaving us with less volume and more wrinkles or sagging skin. Both filler types have their proper uses and advantages, that will be determined by your cosmetic injector.

Dermal fillers can be injected in multiple areas of the face, neck and even hands, to enhance beauty or reverse signs of aging. Dermal fillers are eventually absorbed by the body so their effects are temporary, lasting from 6 months to 2 years. Furthermore, the calcium-based fillers enhance natural collagen and elastin production, which tighten the skin and create more lasting youthful changes.


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We Can Personalize Your Treatment for:

Dermal fillers are safe.

They are a non-surgical, minimally invasive rejuvenation treatment. At YS Aesthetics/MakeupOMG, we only use FDA approved fillers injected by highly trained medical professionals. We are also highly trained in treating the very rarely occurring adverse reactions.

Realistic expectations are key.

Fillers are not plastic surgery so you should not expect to look like you had a face-lift. However, you also are not having surgery, general anesthesia or experiencing significant pain. You don’t need surgery or other drastic measures to look as young as you feel. A face lift is an invasive surgical procedure with a long recovery time and high price tag. Dermal fillers, on the other hand, can be administered quickly and easily by trained medical professionals, providing effective results that require no down time to achieve. Choose dermal fillers for simple and minimally invasive, natural looking results, tailored to meet your aesthetic goals.

A tailored approach to beauty.

Dr. Ben Shatil works with you at every stage of your treatment to ensure you have a positive experience. At the initial consultation, Dr. Ben will discuss your options, and make recommendations on the type and amount of product needed before completing the procedure. You may notice some bruising and swelling at injection sites, but generally there is no downtime and you can continue on with your day. Results will be immediately visible and will continue to improve over the next 2 weeks. Hydrating is important as the filler loves to absorb water and plumps up to improve results.

Consultation Process

  • Lips: New lips can really change the whole face and make you look significantly more youthful. Fuller, plumper lips can improve your smile, reduce wrinkles around the mouth and make you look younger and sexier. Dr. Ben Shatil is most famous for his lips. He typically uses either his signature lip technique with rounder, plumper lips, or the infamous Russian lip technique (Bratz doll lips) for peaked cupid’s bow and a higher, flatter lip profile.
  • Jawline: Fillers can add volume and foundation to a sagging jawline and reduce the look of loose skin and jowls. A cannula technique is typically used here to reduce bruising and avoid injuring delicate blood vessels.
  • Cheeks: Cheek can be contoured to create the illusion of higher cheekbones and restore youthful cheek fat for a more beautiful, glowing appearance.
  • Tear Troughs: Hollowed spaces beneath the eyes can create shadowing, making circles darker and cause you to look tired. Tear trough filler can gently reduce the hollowed spaces, improve shadowing and smooth the transition between the eyes and the upper cheeks.
  • Nose: Filler can be used for non-surgical rhinoplasty to improve minor imperfections in the nose and lift the tip.